Poems by Lomas Kumar Bhatt

Poems by Lomas Kumar Bhatt

With Love

Once I said,
(Indian World-order,
Has been changed),
It happend long before,
But very few ready to accepted,
Presidential Order in Rajya Sabha,
Very hardly,
Where I was wrong,
Because of,
To say truth before the events.
That was my duty as a writer,
To say truth as it is,
Writer’s has also a duty,
Towards the Nation & the world,
I’m not against the Peace & Love,
Well I have a bad habit one,
Say truth before the events,
I’m not against any one,
I’m writing a poetry of love,
Reside in Heavenly crematory,
Talking with the souls of Dead,
They all are masters in politics,
Flying with the Droplets,
In to the deep sky,
They offer me love enormous,
Finally I’m not writing for any award,
However any one given me,
Accepted humbly,
Why I hurt any one,
Why not I love to All,
Even I accept abuse very humbly,
Any one free to abuse me,
I have no objection at all,
Thanks & Regards to All

Lomas Kumar Bhatt .
All Rights Reserved.


The Eyes of Heaven:

I find my lost Heaven,
Rhythm in your soul,
Aaha, I must smile with your glee,
Must beautifying your’s divine gloss,
Blunders in life wonders in death,
Don’t shy My Darling,
Heaven in your feet’s fleet,
Wonders & blunders,
Makes together glee,
After a long long time,
I wake-up in Your feet,
O, Dear Darling,
Let me dance in your’s Divine spline,
At Morning,
Coffee is better than wine’s Cocktail,
At passing out evening,
Wine’s Cocktail is better than nectar,
Ah, Now I’m too old to speak,
To walk to read even to feel,
I’m too old to die even to live,
Oh God,
How I kiss your lips,
As young as before,
Sense left me alone,
As abandoned,
Star on the deep sky,
One going to die,
One hold his wings,
On the edge of Heavenly River,
Under the foothills of Mountain-high,
He injured wounded by stone,
Thrown by the child Monk,
They playing on the bank of river,
But wonder happened,
His soulmate’s pearl of tears,
Dropped in his mouth,
His wound speedily recovered,
He thanks to the playing Monk,
Duck in the pairs,
With joined wings together,
Slowly down in to the River,
I’m seen sun went down,
Very fast behind horizon,
Full-moon slowly appears,
Mountain-high appears golden bright,
Aha, She just comming down,
In the chariot of moon,
She holds my hand,
Fly beyond the clouds,
Fly and fly deep in to deep,
Dive in to the center of universe,
Her eyes fixe’d on my face,
With smile,
Secrets hold!

@. Lomas Kumar Bhatt .
All Rights Reserved.

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