Poems by Menduh Leka

Poems by Menduh Leka


The Metaphor of Hope

We will be luckier than we were
We will discover Code of Recreation
With a libretto of sacrifice we will travel
For the sake of Love

Tomorrow should not be a day too late for us

It was too early for sorrow
We’ll close the mouth of the syntax of disappointment

We’ll enjoy before the coming of joy
We’ll wander before the sorrow haunts us

To feel the multiplicity of the speed of light
To experience infinity

To be alone
There, where either the end will not reach us.


Breathless Reflection

You sing in tune with solar psalms
The other in gibberish downed a tear
From the buttocks of fools 
And kisses the ego with a ritual of rubbing

You a metaphorical tissue that cries out of handcuffing
The other one a limping Cerberus with molar of another man
Serpent’s nipple black and hunched on the throne
Tainted boundary
In the day of Anger

You a mosaic of paradise and cooking stars
The other a flickering in pentagon of Solomon
And a foam of the passions of dill
In the chair of the tail and of a finger

I am not a castrated hermit
I know that loves triumphs over any destruction
It was Onan the satisfied discoverer
Neither I nor you
A game of soft whatnots
Perverse in quadrants of reflection.

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