Armenuhi Siyan ( Armenia)

Armenuhi Siyan ( Armenia)   Armenuhi Sisyan- writer, poet from Armenia. Professor of Armenian language at Yerevan State Medical University. Her works are translated into 11 languages and published in different literary magazines, anthologies and newspapers around the world: Russia, … Continue reading

Poezi nga Drita Lushi

Poezi nga Drita Lushi   Dielli fshihet në syrin tënd Këtë mbrëmje, Teksa dëgjoj zhurmën ndjellëse të lumit, që rrjedh në të njëjtin shtrat prej dhjetra vitesh; muzgu i përskuqur, shtrin ca krahë të bukur, duke shtyre ditën dhe afruar … Continue reading

Metin Cengiz (Turkey)

Metin Cengiz (Turkey)   Poet and writer (b. 3 May 1953, Göle). He wrote particularly on the problems of poetry. He established the Şiirden Publishing House in 2005, in collaboration with his friends, to publish poems and essays concerning poetry … Continue reading

Poems by Dr. Aprilia Zank

Poems by Dr. Aprilia Zank     अगरबत्तियाँँ   आग सुलगा कर सड़क के किनारे वे सभी बैठे थे कंधों पर अंधकार का बोझ पीढ़ी-दर-पीढ़ी भुतहा एहसासों को साझा करते हुए क्षणिक आमिष ज्ञान की चुनौतियों को चुभलाते हुए   … Continue reading

Poem by Sunita Paul

Poem by Sunita Paul
If I were a painting
You would behold me with love
Colour me all over from bottom to above
Dipped in the hues of passion, each stroke of your brush
Would make me alive as I blush
For hours you would work on me
Covering me up as anyone would come to see
To you I’m not an work of art
You have made me your integral part
Days pass , nights flow
Your passion for me makes me glow
I seduce you at times when you don’t pay me heed
Your addiction in me made me addicted to you indeed
As your fingers caresses all over me
I wish I had life and remain forever thee.