Asoke Kumar Mitra (India)

Asoke Kumar Mitra (India)
Born 1950, from Kolkata, India, studied at Hindu school and St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.
He is a retired journalist and was editor of “CALCUTTA CANVAS” and “INDUS CHRONICLE”.
He is a bilingual poet. He has contributed to various anthologies published in India and abroad. His poems are translated into Hindi, Punjabi, Italian, French, German, Polish, Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, Malay, Mandarin, Romanian, Spanish, Azerbaijani, Russian, Uzbek, Kirghiz, Greek, Swedish, Chinese, Catalan.
“SAVAGE WIND” is his first poetry book, a bilingual edition, translated into Spanish by Mexican poet Josep Juarez. “SONG OF PABBLES” is his second book, a bilingual edition, translated into French by Marjorie Meetoo from Mauritius. Published from Kolkata,India.
Poetry, photography, paintings are his passions.
A butterfly
A butterfly
Each night in your loneliness
A butterfly fluttering
Fly and fly away
A warm dream caressing gently
Over the river little waves nestling
Screaming violin
Filled with sorrow and tears
Treacherous unwante
Nights are meditating without consent
Crazy butterfly knows your pain
Moon will take you will rock your heart
The sky will turn blue
You begged for love infinite
Butterfly never returned
Plunged into your arteries.
Between us
Memories never go away
When you first came
Under our antique sky
You whispered your secret
Our hearts are melting
A candle deep inside
Beyond the blue sea and grey mountain
Our lips and eyes
The fireflies glowed in the night
Our way to an unknown island
A mystery tale
Hidden behind a waterfall
This midnight hour
Under the shadow of the quiet moon
We surrendered
Became strangers again
In the rebellious wind.
What can you do, in you loneliness
She plucked the stars, sleeps beside you
Dreams are broken by the midnight rain,
A luminous neckless
A kite alone in the sky
Time stood still
She whispered
What is our destiny
In the morning
She offered
One by one
Her pride
Confessed being alone
In restless dreams.

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