Bijendra Singh Tyagi (India)

Bijendra Singh Tyagi (India)

B S Tyagi comes from India. He writes in both Hindi and English. He has several books- fiction and non-fiction to his credit. His poems have been included in several anthologies. He writes short stories which regularly appear in national and international literary magazines. His reviews appear in national magazines across the country. Besides, he has translated four books of poems.


Light of Soul

After the wanderings of ages
Like the rudderless ship in the sea
Light of soul is seen over yonder
That appears a heartbeat away
Know not how to reach there
How to greet…
Words fail.
Heart leaps up at the spark
That ever draws me
And brims me over with joys
Tears blur my eyes
My soul aches and flutters
With longing to take flight…
And vanish on the horizon
Bravo! My last but best efforts
To mingle with…
Sans footprints on the sands of Time.


Irony of Life

Man has wings too
Tries to soar up higher and higher
With high hopes and dreams
Of touching the golden beams
Just then it happens
He staggers and falls down
Perhaps, God whom we call Father
Despises him for being so high
When cup is filled with nectar
And lips about to touch
It slips and breaks into pieces
Thirst remains unquenched.
Despite all, he rises again
With renewed zeal
To beat all odds
Even Father looked agape
And takes him in His arms
‘Come, my son come…You’re a man.’



Word is Brahman
It emerged from Hiranyagarbh
And wandered in the ether
Man’s heart vibrated
He heard its rapturous melody
Swayed in ecstasy
And lost in sacred silence.
The other day…
The predator pounced upon the word
And preserved the kill
A dictionary is compiled
It hardly objected
But, was it at ease?
Lexicons continue multiplying
Then words, words, words
Words sans soul!

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