Metin Cengiz (Turkey)

Posted on August 7, 2019


Metin Cengiz (Turkey)
Poet and writer (b. 3 May 1953, Göle).
He wrote particularly on the problems of poetry. He established the Şiirden Publishing House in 2005, in collaboration with his friends, to publish poems and essays concerning poetry theory. And since 2010 he publishes Şiirden Dergisi/Poetry Magazine (every two months). His poems are translated into several 30 languages (and published in foreign magazine and numerous anthologies.
Poetry awards:
-Behçet Necatigil Poetry Award (one of Turkey’s most prestigious award) in 1996 with his book Şarkılar Kitabı (The Book of Songs)
-Melih Cevdet Anday Poetry Award (one of Turkey’s most prestigious award) in 2010 with his book Bütün Şiirleri 1 (Collected poems 1), Bütün Şiirleri 2 (collected poems 2)
– Tudor Arghezi İnternational Poetry Award in 2011 (Romanya).,
-Mihai Eminescu International Poetry Award 2018, Craiova-Romania
-Awarding the laureate, “Year of the essay” International Mediterranean Academy “Brothers Miladinovci” 2019, Struga-Makedonya
Books published in foreign countries
1- After A Deluge, (2006, translated by Gérard Augustin, back cover post, Gérard Augustin, “Harmattan” Paris-Fransa)
2-Poemas Escogidos/Selected poems (2013, translated by Jaime B. Rosa, Liber Flactory, Madrid/Spain, bilingual)
3-Povremeno (2014, translated by Avdija Salkoviç, Narodna Biblioteka “Dostitej Obradovic, Novi /Serbia)
4- Fekete És Fehér (2015, translated by Attila Balaz, “Ab-Art”, Budapeşte/ Macaristan)
5-Mat Troi Tinh Khiet/The Pure Sun (2015, translated by Nguyen Thi Tuyet Ngan, Nha Xuat Bân Hoi Nha Van/ Hanoi-Vietnamese, bilingual)
6- Duet of Nights (2015, translated by Mariko Sumikura, with Akira Asuka’s poems, common book, Japon Universal Poets Association, Kyoto/ Japan, bilingual)
7-Poems for love and revolution (Translated by divers turkish hands, 2017, presantation: Jacque Hirschman, CC. Marimbo, Berkeley, California)
8-Canticos de amor (Translated by Rafael Patino Goez, presantation: Rafael Patino Goez, 2017, Silaba)
9-Il Colore Dell’Oscurita/Karanlığın Rengi (translated by Laura Garavaglia, presantation: Laura Garavaglia, 2017, LietoColl)
10- Preludiu Pentru O Noapte La Kars/Kars’ta Bir Gece Vakti İçin Prelüdler (Çeviri: Niculina Oprea Bucuresti, 2018, Timpul, back cover photo: Jose Luis Labad; presantation: Marius Chelaru)
11-Obrazy sa moja ojczyzna/İmgeler Benim Yurdum (translated by Alicja Kuberska, 2019)
POETRY: He wrote fourteen poetry books. Some poetry books: The Books of Songs, 1995; Juvenille Years, 1998; Hymnes Of Love &The Hüzzam Compositions Today, 2005; Collected poems 1, 2008, Collected poems 2, 2010; Images are my home, 2011, second edition 2016; States of the world, 2013; Collected Poems 1-2, second edition 2015; Sorrowful Poems, 2015; Life is a dream (2018), Poems for Mercan (2018)
Wrote fourteen trials, reviews and theoretical books, some:The Pover of Poetry, 1993; second edition 2006/ Modernism and Our Modern Poetry, 2002, second edition 2011/ Poetry; Language, Language of Poetry and Poetic Meaning, 2006; Globalisation, Postmodernism and Literature, 2007; What is image? 2009; third edition 2018; Culture and poetry, 2010; Philosophy and poetry, 2010, third edition 2016; Anthologie contemporain, critique, majeur de la poésie turque, with the criticism on the poetry of the selected poets, 2016; Thought of poetry in Plato and Aristotle, 2016; Poetry and criticism, 2018, read the poem through the effect (2019)
This well-shaped garden of you in my image
Like the past into which I couldn’t go and come back
There it is always going to blossom like that
It is going to blossom in eternity
That garden in my image.
Translated by Müesser Yeniay
Description of Love
How many ships have I seen floundering in these lands
How many passengers have I seen lose trace of their sea
How many fishermen have I seen racing with the fish
How much anguish and sorrow have I seen the unfortunate raise
How much hunger and thirst have they suckled on their blood
Tired, but happy like some child.
Spells I have seen to put an end to desire
Spells too that turn life into an unchecked car
I have listened to stories prop their bells against the wind
I can never again forget, they were like some contagious disease
And troublesome like wars too easily told.
But I have never seen anything like love in these lands
That casts people barefoot onto the road
That cripples that maims.
Translated by Neil Patrick Doherty
Wherever, whenever it was I forgot
Grasses scorched by the sun
Trees and their shadows melting
Wind breathed into its raki, drank it up
No scent of wild rose
No song of the grasshopper
Just her voice ringing in my ears.
Just her eyes over the never-ending steppe.
The horizon grew red with her, the sun
Danced her light over our heads.
Summer since I last saw her.
Summer since I learned I had a heart.
But she was composing another song
One that life had already written for her.
Translated by Müesser Yeniay and Neil Patrick Doherty
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