Poems by Asiimwe Simon

Poems by Asiimwe Simon
Wild and free
Am but a wild flower growing thin
Amongst shrubs with piercing thorns
I prefer it this way to growing in a tin
Even in the field like Indian corns
Pruned by struggles, thinned by the desire
To reach the furthest height and kiss the sun
Is all, but the strength that conquers my fear
And inspires me to strive as much as I can.
Son of Africa
Wherever you are, may you raise your hands
And tune your voice to the highest pitch
May you beat your drums and blow your horns
Across the valleys and on the mountain peaks
You who’s blood is of great ancient Kings and queens
You who sat on the stool after your father was dead
You who inherited the beautiful ornamented crowns
And the finest Spear with the sharpest blades
Do you still remember that mournful day
When the old men gave you the shoe of your buried father
To protect your foot all along the way
And leave a mark on the ground as was done by your father
A great man he was in all his living days
A warrior that fought only when he had to
He shared with his brothers and kept the olden ways
Of his great grand father’s all his days through
And now O’ you child may you see where you stand
Your sword dashing about, smeared with blood
The bones of your brothers, you have buried in the sand
Chopped and re-chopped with the blade of your sword
Where will you hide from their spirits that will rise
In the revenge of their sorrows you sneers about
As you cut their throats and thinks it’s wise
You should know the greatest battle is not yet fought.
The hills are green
The sky is blue
And the beautiful streams
Flow all years through
The woods are scattered
From the East to west
The valleys lay placid
Below the rising mist
Between the two of the highest peaks
Of Rwenzori and Elgon, starts the river
So great and known by earthy folks
Perhaps the greatest of the earthly rivers
And then as you go along and round
A cross the hills and also the plains
You won’t miss the beauty unless you’re blind
You won’t miss the melodies of the forest birds
The sight of children sometimes at play
The sight of herdsmen with their mooing cows
As you stand and stare from miles away
You won’t disagree with what Churchill said
Uganda is the Pearl of Africa, the man was right
With each and every everything on African land
With a million beauties to catch the sight.
©Asiimwe Simon

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