Poems by Sher Chandley

Poems by Sher Chandley


Weeping Dream

Sleep, unfurl my soul’s
Discontent on your wings
In the midst of my dreams 
The ghosts of innocents
Leadfoot, come slogging by
How they wail and sigh
We’ve been consigned
By “righteous “people
Who wouldn’t harm a fly
In the dreams I try to cry
But the tears I shed
Just hang suspended
On the lashes of my eye .

@ Sher Chandley 


Deja Vu

When the crippling pain
Threatens my mind
I find a track
Through the thicket
To a wood within
The forest of my life
Seek a tranquility
Betraying less movement
Than a tree breathing
Through branches and leaves
I know everything and nothing
Sinking beneath superficiality
Under the world’s surface
Beyond even my senses
In a magic orbit of power
Of wishes and thoughts
Find my sanctity
Dissolve my pain .

@ Sher Chandley 

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