THE DANCE OF MOON – Ayub Khawar / Translated by Muhammad Shanazar

Poem by  Ayub Khawar



Fourth Night

At least, there must be something
At its own place for some days,
An earthquake hasn’t yet stopped,
Things don’t retain their places
That another aftershock jolts them again,
Everything that I place adequately
At its own place falls prostrate soon,
And glassy moments of time
Get cracks with crystal shine fall,
From the saucer of the moon,
Dissolve grain by grain into blues of the night
In such a way as the eyes lose their self-control,
Brims of the lips upsurge new drops of tears,
Each reflection that gazes at the mirror
Turns down.
The doors and walls of the chest,
Begin to shake from their foundation
And this unfortunate heart,
This pain-stricken heart gets despised totally,
Shattering into shards,
The shoreline of the dream and sea becomes
Replete with deaths because of the wrathful,
Destructive waves of tsunami.
O! My Love,
It always happened
Whenever any fresh chapter
Of your life opens.

all rights reserved


Translated by Muhammad Shanazar

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