The kingdom shall prevail where peace is nestled in every heart to honour the Omnipotent creator as we are the products of pure love and bliss. ln this mundane world where man has no time to stand and stare, PENTASI B plays a very pivotal role in assimilating the peace lovers and mentors under the benign leadership of our beloved, Dr.Penpen, a multi-talented persona, igniting the human hearts and building a castle of love and light for the future generations. PENTASI B is a gorgeous software to sprinkle the real roots of humanity, that is, acting as a park to uplift the downtrodden and the needy. My everlasting eternal memories from Hyderabad where WORLD POETRY FESTIVAL … 2017, was held under the charismatic souls…. of Dr.Penpen, Dr. LSr Prasad, and Dr.Vishnu Pandya … acted as pole stars in the poetry festival in spreading the word of peace.

Here, I would love to throw light on the moment when I yearned to be a PENTASIAN_ _it was a dream come true under the haven of this beautiful garden of bliss. The direction and aim of the motto imbibe the spirit of oneness through quality work. The aura is worth appreciable, appreciating and my commendable comment for the platform through this verse:


My heart sings carols for thy regime
Aura auroral, l had a glimpse in my forlorn lands for this magnified

Love that dived deeper in the inner shrine
Delving deeper and deeper as a pentasian.

Orb of hues mesmerized the heart with reverence, full of sparks.

Bella and precious light decked the fathomless ocean of blissful serenity.

In the arcana of this profession away from the mundane minds, only positivity survives in the lands of PENTASI B.

Ostentation finds no vibes of rhymes, here
Genuine ink survives.

Winning laurels and cacophony crushes in this lovely light.

Melting the avalanche in solitude of ecstatic white, my soul decked in delight.

A pyramidal beehive with drenching of nectarines, borderless hearts sing psalms of fraternity.

And fragrance of jasmine and roses adorn the globe through the beads of PENTASI B.

My forehead smeared with tranquilized kumkum,I am a proud PENTASIAN.

The spiritual kiss like the Keatsean urn’s palpitations _ _ my lovely brethren:

_ _ _

Frontliners for this year
PB Event in China 2019

Ayub Khawar
Rania Angelakoudi
Maria Miraglia
Saverio Sinopoli
Ashok K. Bhargava
L Sr Prasad
Leyla Işık
Bilgi Çengelli
Rashid Pelpuo


Faithful Contributors of 
Tribue Articles & Tribute Poems:

Waheed Musah
Ruhaina Razak
Mohammad Shafiqul Islam
Joseph Spence Sr.
Ethel David (Ethel P David)
Neneth Ramiro Rondera
Eden S Trinidad
Ed Cordevilla
Hasmukh Mehta
Faleh Al Khazraji
Asror Allayarov
Hafiza Ehgamberdieva
Destinyy Lightt Speakss
Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana
Sunny Kaur
Gamel San Karl
Aprilia Zank
Rohini Behera
Pramila Khadun
Roula Pollard
Pasqual Bettio
Swapna Behera
Manuel Ambrocio
Neelam Malik


Faithful Members/Forever Friends/
Solid Supporters worldwide:

Amy Barry
Fred Lobo
Channi Charanjit Singh
Jade Scarlett
Eve Lynne
Ashok Kumar
Malika Keldiyarova
Danny Gallardo
Doll Suedad – Pagaddut
Atavullaeva Muyassar
Hasan Goyib
Agron Shele
Santosh Alex
Beatriz Valerio
Clau Dine
Ka Erik Gomez
Marco Diolata
Fiorella Linda Gutiérrez Lupinta
Aabha Rosy Vatsa
Subash S. Parajuli
Olympia A. G.
Renee Drummond-Brown
Akshaya Kumar Das
Siervo Aries
Jernail S Aanand
Khalid Hdidou
Patricia Torres Maya


A brave new world is like dewdrops that craves in caves of serenity with eternal beauty.

Curvaceous fires enlarge in my love -castle,
Bells toll with a clarion call unveiling the clandestine rendezvous.

My aura auroral became eternal adoring the poetic love bites.

My soul shines in HIS image and light in the river of poetry.

Churning the corporal forms of the raw framework, Pentasians shine.

Perseverance and peace are my eternal guests ignite from this planet.

Numbness in my heart and music flows through my every nerve.

Salutations of love cleansed me in HIS light.

Hence, l safely conclude that I am a proud pentasian.

Glory to poetry and its eternal kingdom.

Alchemists and precious friends dance and dine here songs of peace.

Pentasi B is the smile of the poet’s face and pen too and poetry gives us the real smile, the smile of bliss that comes when one meditates deeply, feels the ecstatic joy of God’s presence, seeing the world partially, but seeing God as a complete circle. A smile comes from a joy deep within one’s being, a joy that others also may attain and Pentasi B is one of the best fragrances as it oozes out love for fraternity from the core of the blossoming soul. Then joy calls others with s subtle to bathe in its waters of divine bliss.

It is a very desirable state. After a tumultuous ride on the crests of pain and pleasure, with frequent dips into the troughs of boredom, one enjoys floating on the calm sea of p e a c e through swings of verses. But greater than peace is bliss— bliss of the soul, l attain it in my poetic regime.

Most poetic smiles are born of good emotions arising out of doing good, or out of feeling sympathy, love, kindness, or mercy. But the most wonderful way to smile is to fill your heart with the love of God. Then we will be able to love everybody; we will be able to smile all the time. All other forms of smiles are evanescent because emotions flicker and pass away, no matter how good they are.

Without divine smile human beings are like puppets — today they are saying they will love you forever; tomorrow they are in the grave, a transient flow. But if we can make God say even once to us “I love you”, it is for eternity.

It is the Lord alone who changes each heart. The only one who does good is God. It is His world. If everyone feels Him as the Indweller of his body— that it is He who works in everything.

When you live with God in your heart, you have no fear in the world — fear will be afraid of you! You will be free from this cosmic delusion. Then you will smile an eternal smile. Your thoughts, your words, your writings, and everything you do will be impregnated with the joy shining in that smile. Leave behind a fragrance of smiles and whoever will come there will also be moved to smile with God.

PENTASI B inspires all.
Be an Inspirer and a Smile Millionaire!
May this golden plateau dwell in His ineffable bliss!


By:  Neelam  MALIK

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