Letters From The Battlefield In Jammu Kashmir / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

Poem by Linda B. Scanlan


Letters From The Battlefield In
Jammu Kashmir

The wedding festivities meticulously organized
Women flutter around the bride to be
Check lists for check lists
The lavish decor
Oh what more
Could a young woman desire
Nothing spared for their darling girl……

Isn’t love grand thought the bride to be
More powerful than any force
And it alone
Can move mountains
Turn tidal waves outward
Burn inward
Creating new beings …..

Sitting dreamily in her room
Looking at her face in the glass
When this moment comes to pass
Nothing shall ever be the same ….

Thinking of the new life about to unfold
How fortunate she felt
Possessing riches beyond gold
Her beloved her life now
How could she know
That life is often cruel
Could change in a moment
Without notice
Without permission
Everything planned set to ruination
Her wedding day
The day of her beloved’s funeral……

A widow before a becoming a bride
How odd
The cruelest joke
Now on her
A rebuke of her dreams
Now sitting alone and arid
All vitality stripped away
Praying only for her own dying day…..

Linda B. Scanlan, 2019©

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