Poems by Geethanjali Dilip

Poems by Geethanjali Dilip


All in the name of poetry

The blue jay in the thicket babbled on ,
I was in that spot to listen to its precious words,
Although I was more enamoured by its downs, cerulean blue, than its voice.
It wasn’t on a mission to impress me with its song,
Yet it had a raw melody I couldn’t overlook.
It spoke of words being the most insignificant waves,
That drift away with winds,
More like footprints on the sand that get washed away,
Like meteors that fall to dust and like clouds that disperse to the shores,
Its words came through loud and clear telling me of the useless human mind,
That cling on to words to carry them on the dead weight of shoulders ,
Nailed and carved by tongues that articulate them with nomenclatures not needed at all,
Its babble went on endlessly as it flitted from cypresses and oaks,
It was probably just warding off vultures, to save its nest,
But oh this mind of mine just keeps feeding words to its little throat,
All in the name of poetry!


Wall-less wall

I wonder how it feels to gaze into an infinity mirror,
Not that I haven’t already , but to just discern where the virtual image ends,
All lines of truthful light converging to a mere dot,
That never gets effaced with time or seasons,

I wonder how it feels to gaze at that dot that would diffuse into a haze of images,
Of all of my past ever since I started off as a dot,
And I’d gaze with newer vision, clearer, less biased, more balanced, less shaded with those glasses I ought to throw away,

I stand right before that infinity mirror,
My reflection split into a myriad images, sliced in perfect lines, all pieces of a jigsaw,
Where my hands would fit them all back perfectly,
If I retrieved every piece without letting my fingers bleed,
Then it would still be me, in newer colours, in a brand new picture,
Where all my scars are mere forgotten memories,
Like the faded blemishes of a sky- washed moon,

Here I am walking right through that mirror hung on a wall- less wall,
Me, yet not quite so,
But isn’t that what the moon does till it fades and merges with a dark sky?
Till it smiles faintly hoping that eyes that matter views it?

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