Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur


Eye Lids Open

Half memories left undone,
unyielding worries pressing on
now on the floor
like unwrung socks 
gentle draft collecting
in unopened boxes.

The midnight leaves us
to ourselves
with weight of the day
more than the blankets
like the clock conducts
business we leave unattended.

All music is breath
set to time
silent time resounds
just as if
the previous nights
quench every thirst
that seems neglected.

@copyrightJyotirmaya Thakur , (From- “Rhythms Of The Soul”)



Children are born everyday ,
Dreams are dreamed anyways,
Waiting for someone to trust ,
But discarded alone to rust.

From hills ,hamlets and coutryside,
Suburbs , cities ,valleys and cities,
From mountains, towns they reside,
In refugee camps or graveyard sites.

War orphans all around us grow wild,
Each champion once was just a child,
Forced to move around broken and ruined,
They are the children of future doomed.

We forget that monsters are in making,
Watching horrendous brutal killings
Dreaming with light inside their eyes,
Together we can rewrite their lives.

I know that most of us are afraid and scared,
But show the poor dreamer’s that we care,
Stand up tall against what we feel is unjust,
Raise our voice as dreams are counting on us.

Think of the rights that every child needs to be,
Think of the lives we share so stand with me,
Think of our beginning; think of all youth ,
Think of the future and think of the truth.

We are running the same humanity race ,
All children anywhere belong to same space,
We are responsible for getting what we gave,
Hand in hand together all this can be saved.

This is about lifetimes,not just a game,
This is more than ourselves, more than fame,
This is more than just the money, it is caring,
This is about all the dreams we are saving.

Standing together speak up for what matters,
Grasping hands speak up before we shatter,
This time we are not giving in or moving on ,
We will put up a grand show standing strong.

@copyrightJyotirmaya Thakur -2019 (From upcoming book -“Rhythms of the soul”)

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