The World Turning into a Bazaar, or General Trading / Poem by Rahim Karim (Рахим Каримов Рахим Карим)

Poem by Rahim Karim (Рахим Каримов Рахим Карим) 


The World Turning into a Bazaar, or General Trading

What is God for
created people?
In order to
man traded chewing gum?
It would be worth the Lord
so bother
such a complex organism?
For the sake of a trivial matter –
Gum sales?
What is chewing gum?
vital product?
No, just an item,
designated for toothbrushing.
Sorry, you can’t even eat it.
She is like a girl
lies on every corner
so that someone bought it,
and, after some time,
spat out!
And the seller
like a pimp
eagerly considers revenue
rejoicing that
he for
all day
sent by God
sold as many as ten gum !!!
Is it really
the essence of human life?
The purpose of his existence ?!
The image of a contemporary ?!
God forbid!!!
And so every single day …
People all day long
stand at the “counters”
to sell something …
Well-known formula
Marx and Engels
in Capital in action:
“Goods – money – goods”, –
Sell to buy,
and buy to sell …
They trade everything
without exception,
without religion
race and nationality:
scientists, philosophers,
poets and artists
doctors and engineers
artists and taxi drivers
linguists and translators,
physicists and lyricists
melancholy and choleric,
brunettes and brown hairs,
adults and children,
old men and old women …

Day and night,
at home or on the street,
Wholesale and Retail:
food and thing
bread or salt
clothes or utensils
shoes and furniture
tampons and condoms …

In a word, who, what can …
Of course, even with the body ….
And all this
eaten up
getting dressed
and, used …

Where does the sold go:
“In oil”, with and without a tag –
past in usage,
commission fee
and discounted …
In moral
and material form –
sauce and honor
love and breasts
chintz and pride …

to sell.
Books are published
for commercial purposes …
Filming a movie
a play is being staged
just to sell …

Do you wanna take a look
good movie?
Look, but just be nice
look first
annoying ads:
again about tampons
diapers and condoms.
As if the world is happening
general menstruation.
As if involuntarily
general urination occurs
What’s in the language of doctors
called enuresis.

In Moscow,
at the entrance to the Tretyakov Gallery
Apollo is standing “in what mother gave birth”
sculpted by Michelangelo,
if memory serves me right …
And for what he created
his sculptor
stripped naked?
To sell?
But no!
The statue is sculpted with a purpose
to show the human eye
all the delights of the male body:
perfect, strong, without flaws …
To get
pleasure –
aesthetic, of course …
And for what is created
divine Venus ?!
with the sheet itself
secret place?
To explain
that even in the image of a stone
lovely women
should be hidden
your charm …

Here are the pictures
Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci,
Van Gogh and Picasso,
Painting by Titian, Salvador Dali,
Repin and Roerich,
Bryullov and Aivazovsky …

Now who will write
“The last day of Pompeii”,
“Mona Lisa” and “Stranger” …
Who will compose “Ruslan and Lyudmila”,
Will write Belkin’s Tales,
“Gadfly” Lilian Voynich?
“Martin Eden” by Jack London,
gazelles and poems by Firdousi, Navoi …
Where is the “Jamila”
Chingiz Aitmatov,
The Quiet Don by Mikhail Sholokhov?
Who will become Parsnip,
Tsvetaeva Marina?
Will there be a mess
Kim’s predecessors,
Do they live among us
Dumbadze and Gamzatov?
Where are you, Shakhanovs,
aripovy, okudzhavy? ..
Answer the descendants,
Shakespeare and Schiller ?!

There are people in the world
like Soros,
sowing around the world
seeds of humanism …
Glory to the billionaire –
generous and kind
sponsor, savior
human souls
from chaos and death,
spiritual emptiness …

Program “Time”
reports every day
about somewhere again
a catastrophe happened –
blown up airliner
World Trade House …
Ship sank
with hundreds of passengers on board …
There is a war in Chechnya
Mazar Sharif …
People are dying
the human race is exterminated …

Because it goes
arms trading
Motherland mother
by faith and earth …
human life
portfolio and law …
girls, children
real estate
drugs …

Everything is for sale
and everything is bought …
Both gold and pearls
aluminum, iron.
New and decrepit
perfect and crappy
Original, fake,
natural, artificial …
Black and white,
yellow and pink
even blue …

The singer is a seller,
listener is a buyer
the dancer is a merchant,
the viewer is the client.

Sold for length,
sold by weight:
offers fashionable clothes
”Second Hand”
from Europe.
A pound of jeans
two hundred grams of T-shirts …
Worn and not worn ….

The whole world is fed up –
lives in abundance.
Deficiency is observed
only in immunity …
Yes, AIDS has passed
your genital tract.
Caught by surprise
addict hearts:
heroin on sale
cocaine and opium:
cigarette brothers
tobacco and vodka …
The window is open –
the ozone hole,
otherwise the whole world
filled with smoke.
After all, for each pack
five smokers
avid …
Everything is smoked
to the last butt
Everything is drunk
to the last pile.
Factories do not have time
releasing alcohol …

And I drink sometimes
this muck
invented by humanity:
I drink solely out of respect
to others, forcing yourself …
Otherwise no one will believe
in my devotion:
that is, I have to prove
my sincerity
after drinking this poison.

Why did God create
persons – naughty:
drinkers, smokers
walking on the go?
Thieves and killers
greedy and envious …

In the Ozhegov dictionary
there was the word “fix”
and initiative:
Stakhanov’s initiative,
patriotic initiative
which today
became trade jargon:
“Initiative is more expensive than money” –
favorite motto
our contemporaries …
Correctly noticed
Boris Rauschenbach
(“Hand in hand
on Urkumbayev’s shoulder ”),
in the appendix to the poem
Mukhtar Shakhanov
“Market economy
and market society –
concepts … ”

market relations
already in use:
market relations
in rites, rituals,
traditions …
In market relations, people
starting from labor pains
ending to burial rituals …
Market relations
at the theater, at school,
in the hospital and on the field …
Market relations
on the sidelines and in the toilet,
Market relations
on the street and at home …

In the post-Soviet space
transition – hopping:
from socialism …
to mercantilism?


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