Van hieruit

roep ik je aan

lieve vriend

aan de andere kant van de wereld





From here

I call on you

dear friend

on the other side of the world




Ik ben Agron,

ik kom uit een land

met een zware geschiedenis

die ik achter me heb gelaten

ik ben een gelukzoeker

ik ben een toekomstzoeker

ik ontmoet veel mensen

beste auteurs  mijn tijdschrift

literatuur is mijn liefste ding


I am Agron,

I’m from a country

with a heavy history

that I have left behind

I’m a lucky seeker

I am a future seeker

I meet a lot of people

best authors in my magazine

literature is my main thing


Ik ben Mbizo.

Mijn pen is mijn wapen.

Ik ben een taalworstelaar

en leef eenvoudig

met slechts 1 TV kanaal.

Niemand weet waar ik woon.


I’m Mbizo.

My pen is my weapon.

I am a language wrestler

and live simply

with only 1 TV channel.

Nobody knows where I live.


– It has been a great experience reading through the August edition Submissions. Daughters of the earth taming political gods through literary consciousness, exorcising patriarchal vagaries with the barrel of the pen. As you graze through this wild jungle of literatures, you stumble up lion’s dens, beehives, doves and wasp nests. It calls for mental stamina and emotional brevity. Sometimes your eager filled eardrums are tickled by assonance and proverbs. The heart is soothed or broken by vibe of infotainment and verses of edutainment abound. WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS publishes the Second Edition of the Liberating Voices Journal titled #LIBERATEDPEN. This journal is an exhibition of voices of defiance, voices of freedom and voices of resilience. These voices continue to empower the voiceless. WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS is a unique platform for pen slingers and daughters of this earth to speak reason, to voice their concerns and give meaning to life. This edition is a sacred mix of marrow shattering stories, mind blowing poetry and heartrending memoirs from as far as Argentina, Netherlands into United States of America, and Romania through India into Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Our #Liberated Pen Guest Editor our African Poetic Lioness Nancy Ndeke and our featured Poet is Ugandan Human Rights Activist, Poet and Writer Awadifo Olga Kili. Mbizo Chirasha remains our Chief Editor and Curator. Our Next Journal will be in October and is titled Daughters of the Earth with a special focus on Menstrual Health, Peace and Environmental

Conservation. All submissions to be sent to Curator at


Ik ben Debasish.

Een echte boekenwurm.

Net als jij.

Ik kom uit een gegoede familie

en spreek perfect Engels.

Met mij zul je nooit communicatieproblemen hebben

ik begrijp snel iets

want woon tussen zoveel mensen. Ik praat graag met iedereen

en spreek dagelijks enkele miljoenen.

New Delhi, India

Aantal inwoners: 22.826.000

Ik heb het dus druk.


I’m Debasish.

A real bookworm.

Just like you.

I come from a good family

and speak perfect English.

You will never have communication problems with me

I understand something quickly

because I live among so many people. I like to talk to everyone

and speak several millions every day.

New Delhi, India

Number of residents: 22,826,000

So I am very busy.


Hannie Rouweler

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