Poems by Radhakrishnan Krishnan

Poems by Radhakrishnan Krishnan



The places many fear to tread,
Their imagination to surge ahead,
They can awaken the soul so dead,
When their hearts and minds are wed.

They bring out magic from depth of soul,
As their thoughts start to rock and roll,
Their fancy’s flights beyond the poles,
Time and space have no control.

A poet makes love with his thoughts,
Inked words to stimulate soul’s sensitive spots,
Electrifying it with thousand watts,
Untying our passions from the knots.

Wombs of their minds conceive themes,
Delivered through their mystical dreams,
Bathed in the streams of rhyme and rhythm,
The verses wrapped in golden sheets of wisdom.

Their words are alchemy of souls,
Mere touch converting in gold in whole,
When their creativity is drawn from hole,
Mighty time can’t take its toll.




Pin me down with thousand hands,
Bury me so deep in sands,
I will find a way to soar,
Float in clouds amidst thunder’s roar.

Erect thousand walls on way to sky,
I will leap over them and fly,
As dark clouds float by,
I won’t utter that silly sigh.

My resolve to overcome all resistance,
Wearing them all with persistence,
I will pass milestones and distance,
And add feathers to the crown of existence.

Pushing ahead on untrodden road,
With courage break the code,
Setting mind on positive mode,
Only fears and doubts to unload.

Some drops of sweat and commitment,
Strong will as an equipment,
Nothing is beyond our reach,
Just free your mind from its self siege

© K.Radhakrishnan

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