THE SOLITARY REAPAER II / Poem by Dr.  Jernail Singh Anand

Poem by Dr.  Jernail Singh Anand



I see that lowland lass, in a park, 
working alone,
at the weeds on the grassy floor
disturbed by memories mostly sour.

This lass was forced into marriage
When she knew nothing of motherhood.
Now she carries a load of four children
And a fifth perhaps in the row has stood.

She is doing her job, and remains underpaid.
And by the municiple men often waylaid.
Melancholic grind kills her blow by blow
Who bothers about battles long ago?

Her problems are very common,
Though endless is her pain.
Nor are her tears for some far flung tragedy
Which had been or may be again.

I heard her at her work sighing
And moment by moment dying.
I listened emotionless and still
And then I mounted up the hill.

Her sighs in my heart I bore
Long after they were heard no more.

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