Narin Yükler (Turkey)

Narin Yükler (Turkey)

Narin Yükler was born in Viranşehir of Şanlıurfa in 1988. She graduated from the Tourism and Hospitality Management School of Gaziantep University and from the Faculty of Business Administration of Anadolu University. After graduation, she started to work as a hotel manager. She got married in 2012 and had her daughter in 2014. During that time, she took part in the activities of various non-governmental and human rights organizations, especially women’s rights organisations.

Many of her stories and poems about Middle Eastern–especially Kurdish/Ezidi–women were published in several newspapers and magazines in Iraq, Belgium, Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey. She held meetings in refugee camps where she read her poems written in Kurdish and Turkish languages. She has written theatrical plays on the human and women’s rights, some of which were staged. Being a woman, a mother and a refugee in the Middle East. Her poetry books include Aynadaki Çürüme and Rê û Rêç. Her awards include KAOS GL Short Story Award – Selection Committee (2015), Hüseyin Çelebi Poetry Prize (2015), Ali İsmail Korkmaz Poetry Prize (2016), Golden Daphne Award For Young Poets – Selection Committee (2016), Arkadaş Zekai Özger Poetry Award (2017) and the Arjen ArÎ Poetry Award (2017).


Stories of homes are hidden in its roof
In its colour  there is  burns of the sorrow
Roads can not be used for travelling
At the borehole there is a sad song of the bride that tears apart the morning
Bread that made from the fame which sieved thinly heats the bare foot
Sits on the fire, a moms unburned sadness
A sleepless history records rooms
At the back of he door mom smokes the memories
Lots of lives reflects on the mirror
The line that falls from the mirror settles under the eye
Girl stays still with her long hair
Frame is the enemy for mudbrick walls that does not break the memories
Her daughter that runs away is worst thing for the mother.
No water touches to nations of desert
Feet proceed wiht warm winds
Trails can be seen by the weigths of the bags
Slowly chops the sand
I lay down my tongue toback of the coppery bowl
My hands are like roads that are between gulpings
My hands collapses into Sahara
Mistery and prayer fall off from my face
Equal to house that has no stucco
Rampart and wound stay still at my chest
Trees that holds on to the barren lands
Epilepsy starts rom the weak arms of the tree
Whichever arm that decays
Whicever side that turns into yellow
I bless her
Saints that come for confessing to tree
I kiss them with great desire
From the day that i fell down to Sahara and epilepsy
Getting fooled by borehole that comes from my clefts
I believe in a fairy tale of water

Poezi nga Rami Kamberi

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Fabula nga Iliaz Bobaj

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GNJEZDO (The nest) – Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak / Translated into Croatian by Kate Protic

Poem by Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak
(The nest)
Gnijezdo se nekad komešalo
Uz zvukove mladih pilića
Sa mekim dolje
Miris ptičjeg mlijeka
Danas je tako prazno
Pilići su već odrasli
Odletio je u široki divlji svijet
Prostirali su vlastita gnijezda
A njihova je obitelj zaboravljena
Siva usamljena stara majka
S tupim kratkim pogledom
Stavi glavu na rub i gleda u daljinu
Suze u njenim očima su smrznute
Srce joj je u gorkoj boli
Za svaku sjenu u letu
Nadam se zamišljeno gledajući
Gnijezdo je nekad užurbalo život
Danas je tako prazno i tiho
U uglovima sjećanja spavaju
Hoće li moći ili ne
Da popune prazninu.
Translated into Croatian by Kate Protic

Poetja Valbona Kaini Pullazi kërkon nga jeta dhe njëkohësisht i jep jetës harmonizimin e mendimit, ndjenjës dhe ëndrrës/ Nga: Safet Hyseni

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Rira Abbasi (Iran)

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Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 



I traced my own name
Above the surface 
Of musical echoes
Of your heart beats.

I lighted a candle
Of my sweet love
Inside the temple
Of your heart.

I really intended to kiss
The luminous sun beams
That reflected from
Your glorious and
Elegant beauty.

Your long blonde hair
Cascaded below
Your splendid thigh
Weaved along
With wind
In honour
Of me.

Rhythms of my poem
Spring from
Your beauty.

Rhymes of my voice
Emerge from
Your speech.

Eternal is a word
My heart spells
For your love.

A new language
I need to create
For your clarity.

When you approach me
With a sweet smile
Forest catches fire.

I captivate golden dawn
To present you
As a precious gift.

Contents of my poem is you
Hence your essence is due
As an eternal guest.

Let me wrap your beauty
To enclose inside thirst
Of my eyes.

The Persuit Of Pleasure 

The pleasure related with flow of
Fluids and tears involve
Release of energy
That slows down the level of 
Your stress, pain and grief.
The illogical and misguided desires,
Emotional state of mind and
Animal instincts stored in
Your subconscious mind
Explode breaking boundary of dam.
No matter you may regret latter
You get victory over fear
For a course of time.
Whatever you do,
Is for your own pleasure
No matter it is related with sensual joy
Or material gain of profit and loss and
Academic performance.
Not to let your irrational expectations
Betray over your conscience
You satisfy them through dream.
Might feel guilty, still no punishment.
Snowfalls in night, is its instance.
When a person keeps fasting
For a couple of days ,no doubt
He dreams enjoying delicious food.

Composed by Tulsi Shrestha 
@copyright reserved