Malak Mustafa ( Malak Sahioni Soufi) – Lebanon

Posted on August 13, 2019


Malak Mustafa ( Malak Sahioni Soufi) – Lebanon
Spanish translator and interpreter . She speaks fluently Arabic, Spanish, French and English. Now she lives between Turkey and the United Kingdom. She is a professional and qualified person, with fast turnover, accuracy, precise work within deadlines. She has taken a large part of the cultural activities of the world, and in Spain. In recent years: She has organized and managed Arab book fairs, art exhibitions, and other literary cultural events and poetry festivals. For several years, it has been working for the plight of the refugees, in particular orphaned children.
Profession: Translator, Journalist , Editor and Poet.
She holds a master’s degree in Arabic culture and literature from the Jesuit University in Beirut / Lebanon.
She worked in the media for 23 years, and worked as a translator for several Arab embassies in Madrid, and worked as a professor at the French high school in Madrid.
She has many books in poetry, research in Sufism and the history of asceticism, and about the Virgin Mary in the Qur’an.
More than forty books of Arabic writers and poets have been translated into Spanish, and vice versa, translated into Spanish writers and poets into Arabic. She recently translated several books from English into Spanish and Arabic.
El olor,
es tu rastro,
al pasar
por el lugar.
is your remainder ,
trace after your passing
in the place.
La duda de la respuesta,
no es del interés de
la pregunta.
The doubt of the answer,
is not the,
question’s business.
Pasan por delante de la luna,
Y ella pasa por delante de ellos.
A ninguno le importa el otro.
Luna y otros.
They pass by the moon
and she passes in front of them.
None cares about the other.
Moon and others.
La Memoria,
Es el miedo a lo absurdo del presente,
y al poder del pasado.
La pérdida está en la unión.
Fear of the absurdity of the present,
And fear of the power of the past.
Lost at the crossroads.
Si tú eres yo,
y yo soy tú,
¿Por qué, entonces,
la ausencia está siempre presente?
If you are I,
and I am you,
Why, then,
ever-present absence?
Estamos sentados en dos sillas idénticas,
cerca de la chimenea,
Se calienta
y me enfurece.
We are sitting on two identical chairs,
Near the fireplace,
He is heated and
I raged.
Hombres que buscan sus restos en lugares,
Buscan sus sombras.
El sol está ausente.
Men seeking for their remains in places,
seeking shadows for them.
The sun is absent.
Nadie impide que el sol
caiga en los brazos del horizonte-
Es una adicción al amor.
No one prevents the sun
falls into the arms of the horizon.
It is an addiction to love.
¡La nostalgia!
Es un guía
Que te lleva
A cada rincón de su tierra.
is a guide; it shows you
around its
own land.
El ciervo duerme
al lado del lobo
en la imaginación de un niño,
Que nunca vio una matanza.
A fawn embraces
a wolf,
In the imagination of a child,
Who never saw slaughter..
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