My Muse and My Creation…!! / Poem by Monika Ajay Kaul

Posted on August 13, 2019


Poem by Monika Ajay Kaul
My Muse and My Creation…!!
My brush muddles over the canvas
as if my mind hypnotizes it , without me,
quirky perhaps, but that’s the way it moves.
My hand moves innately to the right spots,
building a new picture, a mosaic of colors;
the one I had never set my eyes before.
In this newly born illusory creation,
I can see a mirror of my own mind,
but something else too, I discern.
Through glassy-eyes, I see another muse;
as I play with colors, I feel closest to creator;
and I surmise..
A Creation.. Either.. Disclosing or Refraining..!!
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