Parvaneh Forouhar (Iran)

Parvaneh Forouhar (Iran)
Parvaneh Forouhar was an Iranian activist and poet who was murdered during the chain murders of Iran in 1998. Parvaneh and her husband Dariush Forouhar, (the leader of National Party of Iran) were assassinated together at their home by Islamic Republic’s Ministry of Intelligence. Forouhars’ death was followed by assassination of two members of Iranian Writers Association, Mohammad Mokhtari and Mohammad Jafar Pouyandeh.
light a lantern
The path is dark and caliginous
in this darkness and solitude
not god nor fire
neither feels our despair
a fire temple is burning in my heart
let’s devote our lives to this path
the sun will flame from the east of love
and the silver sunrise will wait for us on the gate
move on, my despondent comrade.
Darker Than Cloud
the chant of love is death in this house
you! who is darker than cloud
help me cry relentlessly.
there’s a thunderclap in me
melted death is running in me
there’s a thunderclap of death in me
there’s a birth of outcry in me.
Translated to English by Nasim Basiri

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