Poems by Chua Bagchi Mitra

Poems by Chua Bagchi Mitra



There are various type of exploitation,
If you are a fool, you are gone.
Those who exploits, are very dangerous.
As, they become intimate first,
Know your weakness,
Then capture your emotions
Men women both are prey of these
Malicious activity.
Beware, don’t let your emotional sides
To be exploited.
And enjoy your life.

Chua Bagchi Mitra©®



We need people in our life.
How long can one be
Inside a cave, hiding her identity?
Though she fears them.
As her life is molested many a times,
Whenever she tried to comfortable.
Man woman relationship,
Is a boon of God, she heard.
But all her experiences cry aloud
And say ‘ No, it’s not true’,
She left all and hide herself.
But how long, how long she
Buried her face in the sand.
She couldn’t breathe, all her limbs
Was stiff, movements arrested.
So again she is among the people.
This time she is well prepared.
She look back and smile.

Chua Bagchi Mitra©®

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