Rira Abbasi (Iran)

Rira Abbasi (Iran)
Rira Abbasi, Iranian poet, fiction writer and peace activist, was born in 1962 in Khorramabad, Iran. Acclaimed as Iran’s Lady Poet Laureate and the winner of the Parvin Etesami Poetry Award in 2005, Rira is also a member of Iran’s Writers Association and the founder and director of the biennial International Peace Poetry festival since 2007. Black Fairy of Wednesday (2000), No More Guns for this Lor Woman (2001) and the bold collection of love poems Who Loves You More Discreetly? (2002) are among her works. Rira has edited and introduced the first collection of Iranian Peace Poetry (an anthology) in 2002. In 2008, she founded the Rira’s Blue House, an establishment in line with the International Peace Poetry Festival. A brainchild of Rira Abbasi and supported solely by individual donations and sponsorship of non-governmental organizations, the charter of the Peace Poetry Festival states that “Poetry for peace is affiliated to humanity, regardless of race, religion, sex and geography”.
Open Your Umbrella
I was born with a dictator
death was a birth, I was condemned to
now that everyone thinks of freedom
I won’t get liberation
Open this pain
a pain opening to birth
is a maze and
me, under its boots
and now, if everyone achieves justice
I won’t reach the plants of this vase
if the rain has a home
I won’t reach to an umbrella.
Do You Know?
the animal of my body wears a checkered pattern shirt
and my circle has always transformed to square
silence never turns into greatness
no shame is left to say I’m mute
and my instinct is a god
who nailed me on four sides
I’m not ashamed of saying
a tree that I’ve got no clue what it is
the sun that I’ve got no clue what it is
got no clue
if you push back god
anything will fall from the tree or not?
Want a Drunk Horse
I’ve been saluting my shadow for years
and deadlier than ever, have responded to tyranny
like two heads with one scarf
labor and bread
going to dance with a man this year
who’s got a drunk god
who’s got a drunk horse
that jumps on my skirt
going to make wine from the edges of my skirt
this year.
Translated to English by Nasim Basiri

One thought on “Rira Abbasi (Iran)

  1. The spectacular pictures provided adding some painfully impressive features to these master pieces , some grief and outcries from a nation , taken hostages by the religion! This is a typical picture of millions of ordinary Iranians struggling to survive

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