Mehak Gupta Grover (India)

Mehak Gupta Grover (India)
Writer, Mehak Gupta Grover, is the author of three books – THE HUMANE QUEST(volume-1,2 &3), published by Authorspress, New Delhi. It is a QUEST for HUMANITY.
She has been bestowed with ‘100 Inspiring Authors of India’ award in kolkata. She has also been honoured with the ‘Women Of Influence 2019’ award presented on women’s day in New Delhi. Along with her books, her work has been published in various anthologies and she is recipient of various other prizes in poetry competitions as well.
She is known for raising contemporary issues in the society. Just as there is freedom, there is a certain responsibility towards the same. To choose to do good and be good within the specified responsibilities, is freedom in action. ‘The Humane Quest’ is a humble attempt to create awareness against the evils of society and stimulate the strong Indian values which are lacking in the present times.
My instincts are getting squandered
entrenched with the encumber,
the dubiousness, the slackening,
a mere perception of obfuscation.
Following my instincts has led me
to a place that lives in a state of quandary.
A place where feign is immortal
and veracity is a mere thing.
My instincts are no more mine.
I am still a seeker of many questions
that remain unrequitted
within me, outside me.
Leaving my instincts have made me
a body without a soul
that does not pretend or semblance
the real picture that ignites the core.
My instincts are to be reborn
with a zealous heart and a clear soul.
A little more tender, a little more sinewy,
a little less moaner, a little less sham.
© Mehak Gupta Grover
All copyrights reserved
Tears make the strongest part of me
that carries away my pain and sorrow.
They touch me, fondle me
and sway away the hardest of me.
Tears make me go week in my knees
letting me thaw in the darkness.
Urging to inhale the dogma
creating the callous within.
Tears become my fambam that stays with me
in rain or shine shimmering its aroma.
Making clusters of droplets
sprinkling them as magical flakes.
Tears carry the burden of my emotions
deep inside the array of happiness
leaving behind the uncanny truth
hoping to bring back the reminiscence.
Tears make my soul unsullied
reaching far beyond the empyrean.
Collecting all the jewels in harmony
laying them in my lap forever.
© Mehak Gupta Grover
All copyrights reserved

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