On my death day / Poem by Imen Melliti

Posted on August 14, 2019


Poem by Imen Melliti
On my death day
On my death day who may Care?
Who may Ask why?
Who may shed tears avec my thumb?
I Can see you all around my covered body in snow
Wainting for my last farwell
Silence envading the Space
Stiliness suffocating the souls
Does the sun come-back to its Sky?
Does the Moon join its stars?
Does it spread its rays on the dark curtains?
The smell of dead jasmin in my Heart diffused in the air..
My father cries me a River
My sister , my little dog , my papers and my dried Pen melt into pain
A bleeding memory let them all remember the few Times ago when we were together
The cold finger of my mum colses my sleeping eyes , touching my lipses to say goodbye…
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