Poems by Jyoti Sahni

Posted on August 14, 2019


Poems by Jyoti Sahni


Alchemy of imagination

Coal engine, still hot
Smoky clouds still chasing the wind
Dim light,like a tiny star
Twinkling shimmer with a little spark
It was a long journey
A long long wait
Few wrinkles under my eye
Soaked wet with a thought

Rail handle,still cold
December snow storm just became quite

Far from a distance
I could hear a loving song
My heart whispered
Long wait so long..

Jyoti Sahni (c)


My journey

In vast ocean
I have traveled
Miles and miles 
Enjoyed rare views
Shared my journey
With old and new friends
Enjoyed shaking hands
And saying goodbyes
With a hope to meet again…

Jyoti Sahni(c)



Letters under my pillow
Every night I touch them
With warmth of your hand

Jyoti Sahni (c)

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