The Allure of the Moon and the Stars / Stella L. Luna

The Allure of The Moon and the Stars


Stella L. Luna

Reminiscing the days of Dahlia’s Dark Allure – writing dark poetry and living a goth lifestyle from a decade of obscurity ( circa 2003 -2013) . Coming out from a beautiful chaos, drawing inspiration from life challenges, and fighting her battles with illness and the Enemy. And there was her Muse Selene hovering through nightfalls, patiently watching and waiting.

My creative gene is a mystery.
I believe I have acquired such directly,
from my grandma’s kin, and family .
Like the moon and the tides,
that go erratically,
I have cycles of waxing and
waning, going brightly and dimly ,
and highs and lows
that come around intensely.
Maybe the lunar phases
has played a role on my personality.
In my past life I was a moon lover
And dwelled on astrology.

Drawing inspiration from Selene
you can tell when I’m moody.
The allure of the heavens
draws my creativity,
which brings the poetess in me.
I’m looking to high heavens
for my first anthology,
that would be really a story.

The moon and the stars
Brings light in the darkness
As I seek to give hope
to the lost and the helpless.
Living as a single mom
Not by choice
But by circumstances
Like an orphaned child
I am father- less
Like a broken compass
I was in a mess .

But my story didn’t end
In misery.
The heavens declared His glory
After years of uncertainty,
When damnation was meant for me.
A ray of hope came
Giving eternal security
At the end of the tunnel
God held his hand for me,
Pulling me out of the
Dark shadows of obscurity .

As E. A. Poe echoes, “The moon never beams without bringing me dreams. “,
Stella opines; “ The sun never shines without bringing us tans.

Living a gothy lifestyle in an ungothy city;
She came out to reveal her identity.

“She’ s a little bit forty,
maybe four hundred forty.
Hiding in shadows or some creepy alley.
She”s been around for the trade,
Doing the Masquerade.”

“Then Redemption came,
and she was never the same”

“Out of the dark, and into the Light,
there’s a lot of glory in God’s Sight.”

Copyright©️by Stella Luna 
Penned in 2016 from “Dahlias Dark Allure “
Rewritten August 14, 2019 

Notes from the author:

* A stanza from “ She’s a Little Bit Forty” : A Vampire Masquerade

4 thoughts on “The Allure of the Moon and the Stars / Stella L. Luna

  1. Excellent write my dearly beloved sister in Faith. I like the words and how the message impacts on the soul. During my years of education, I could never bring myself to write a dark poem. I was always excused from the class and obtained a different assignment for the teacher/professor. That style of writing was never in my soul/spirit. My mother taught me how to: read, write, recite and interpret poetry when I was in high school. I have been practicing the new revelation of inspiration since with enlightenment, and joy to others around the world. I love your line of: “The moon and the stars bring light in the darkness.” Certainly, darkness must be shunned and the light lives. You’re very brilliant and I must give your credit to for these words also: “Out of the dark, and into the Light, there’s a lot of glory in God’s Sight.” They are very uplifting to the mind, body and soul. Have an awesome day and God’s blessings always!

    • I am honoured for such wonderful words of appreciation from you my esteemed brother . What a lovely critique with your perspective on writing about dark themes and your childhood experience. It is a brilliant analysis of the words at play on my poem, with an emphasis on the line “ Out of the dark and into the light “. Just what I have meant to convey. We are children of the light now , and our mission is to let that light shine . But through this poem , I would like to express how God is with us in our darkest hours ; it is in the darkest moments in our life when God shows His love and the power of his saving grace for the lost and broken hearted. Thank you for your heartfelt commentary on the theme “ light in darkness “ .

  2. marvellous, this is a sad yet a very creative masterpiece… Loneliness brings out the best in your talent as a writer. Being a dark poet involves overflowing emotions and sometimes it serves as therapy of your aching heart. I can feel you and want to read more of your poems… Keep writing…

  3. A lovely critique from a lovely poet, dear sister. Indeed it is the darkest moments when you can pour out your tears, your heartaches, the innermost feelings that flows from the soul, aching for redemption , from a distressed state. What is dark is the theme itself , but not the heart , telling stories that aren’t imagined but drawn from personal experiences . They are the colours that give depth to life. If I were to do performance , it is “ method acting”, or performance art. Thank you for taking time and thought on my poetry.

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