Poems by Cindy Toth

Poems by Cindy Toth



She is out to cast spells over people and to make them
think and believe she is good not evil but if you really look
hard enough you can see the devil shining in her eyes and
in her soul that is pure black and evil.

She likes to make spells that have others following her without
any question about why they are doing the things they do
because of being her friend she is only out to make sure they
do her bidding nothing more.

Her spells look innocent enough but when her followers do
the things she wants they are soon found out by others with
pure loving hearts and souls and she is then totally unarmed
without anything to fall back on, they have discovered the
truth for all that it is worth.


There are Angels all around me:

There are times in my life when i have been down and
alone and i have tried to pick myself up and dust myself off,
with little to no luck but there was a strange force that i 
felt it was like there was someone standing beside me and
helping me to get past the problem and feel better.

It was like there was my guardian angels there holding on
to me tightly and not letting me go, they understood what I
was feeling and they were there for added strength and
support, but i also have my angel friends who when i need
them they are there for me.

Everyone in life needs that little extra strength they sometimes
are lacking and when they feel that all is lost and over the
Guardian angels are there to help them get past those feelings,                                                                           and to help them realize that they are not alone
they only have to reach out and they are there to help them.

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