Sans souci… – Juljana Mehmeti / Translated into English by Arben Hoti

Poem by Juljana Mehmeti


Sans souci…

The reddish skies of the troubled soul are burning without any borderline,
same like the sun gone to the west
beyond the horizons swaying along with sunsets 
of the grey mist
descending deep into the eye of the sea
through bands collecting the last gleam
of the sound of the wave
extended thirstily to the white bank
of the flickering of seagulls
the sonnet of an evening
arched to the refracted strings of the Moon.

Desires are murmuring under the tree leaves
the smooth breeze
beyond the imagination of the sight
gathered to the lands where dreams fly with sensation
and regenerated births commence again the migration
towards the past homes
with the new love
with the intention to touch the same sky
and gathering shoulders to the cloudless stars.

A moment of loosing awareness
this mixture of the earth and the sky
body and the spirit
a cigarette smoke which is altered with the breath
fondled under the bundles of hair touching the face
caressed from the dusk murmur.

@ julja


Translated into English by Arben Hoti

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