Poems by Anna Czachorowska

Poems by Anna Czachorowska
Like a Crystal
I confess
the state of my feelings
very quietly
so that no one
can hear
Before the heart
with repentance
has time to sting
I will be pure
like a crystal.
Cross – A Flowering Tree
Here is the CROSS
which stands by my way
To It
I still do the sign of the cross
It may still stand
though the yoke of sin may still cut It
It will set off out of the foundations of the earth
to convert the impenitent people
a raindrop will get It wet
a pinch of heat will dry It
And then
It will go through torments
for It will be crushed
by my penance
Give off It will last three shoots
It will with the rooster’s crowing.
*** Flogged…
Stumbling, you can get far;
Only by falling and not rising, you can’t
              Johann Wolfgang Goethe
Flogged by the whips of the wind
for the rain and foul weather
crushed to dust
by the ravages of time
Stripped from the chance
of survival
again I resurrect
to fall.

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