Nice one, Every inch of land / Poem by Hasmukh Mehta

Poems by Hasmukh Mehta


Every inch of land 

What to say and what to pay!
O, my holy motherland you shall stay
for us to feel motherly
you were always felt as heavenly

You always provided shelter
to feel at home whenever
we were threatened
and pained

we shall defend
and send the signal across
we are fully committed
and firmly seated

each and every inch of land is sacred
and we have led
the peaceful resolve
for all the problems to solve

nothing shall weigh against
and if so counter to our interest
we shall sacrifice with whatever possible means
and win against an odd


Towards sunset

Inching towards sunset
before it becomes too late
I set my course
to paint the life with memorable verses

I have closely watched
and reached
the level of self-satisfaction
with no reaction at all

Life has given everything
to bring
the inner voice on the fore
it makes me feel no sore

life had been hard on the ground
but the way was always found
with such a ride in the right direction
that was to speak later on with no reaction

Life has shown all colors
with shades, scorching heat and moon’s silver
that anyone may long in the life span
it is not over yet and I want more

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