Poem by Sehma Helaa

Poem by Sehma Helaa



I want to see thee
when you soak in anguish

Bless those tears,
That deliberately wash,
The sorrow rocking over your heart in such a rush.

let me see that beauty
when pain and gloom finish.

For tears, lady sweep
The eulogy that the years keep.

Let me see in you the zealous bee
Muttering a farewell to the flower and to the tree
coming back to the hive
soaking in honey, trancing in glee.

I strive to see thee shining,
For time and tide wait for no Man
And when cloudy days pertain,
let ‘s ride the beam again

let me see you crying like a child
Beauty after the rain lady, grows wild

I have asked thy eyes to twinkle
Getting rid of what may cause a wrinkle

I asked the tears to be merciful
when they run they cause no fall

I promise lady to cherish your face
Making from your tears a diamond necklace

sihem cherif August 2019

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