Poems by Dalip Khetarpal

Poems by Dalip Khetarpal


Inevitability Of Sin

One remains
A psychological and biblical sinner
Until he accepts and does
What the scriptures say.
So, if scriptures are
To make one
Sinner or virtuous
All have to be priests or nuns,
Have to lead a sinless life,
And be sacred.
But, if this be so,
The world would cease
To exist normally,
While it still exists normally
Along with thoughts blasphemous
That simmer even in the minds
Of most revered
Priests, saints and nuns
As they do
In the minds of sinners, irrevocably, perennially……
.…with varying degree.



‘You spill a smile at the sky
Just from the corner
Of your fragrant lips
And the universe smiles
In a bright chorus
In no time.
You spill a smile at me
Just from the slender corner
Of your rosy lips
And my small world
Of agony melts into thin air
In an instant’.

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