Poems by Jean C. Bertrand

Poems by Jean C. Bertrand


Totally caught up

Totally caught up
As she’s walking
Smiles and dances
Crying and laughing
Calling on spring
Greengrass at glee
A journey of mirth
Rainy kissing cheeks
BY the goodness of
Classical fluttering wind
Catching her breath
Dancing in the rain

Jean C Bertrand


Useful moon

Useful moon
Youthful dance
Blossoming tonight
It must be spring

Useful moon
Life’s beauty
A river flow
Natures kindness

Useful moon
Hearts fragrance
Under your breath
Sweet lily’s essence

Useful moon
The spirit of aging
Life’s challenges
Confidence growing

Useful moon
Live and learn, all
In motivationalship
Ready to dance in spring

Useful moon
Destinyy Lightt Delightt
Harmoniously flying
O birds, spread your wings

Jean C Bertrand

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