Mykola Martyniuk (Ukraine)

Mykola Martyniuk (Ukraine)
Mykola Martyniuk was born on March 14, 1971 in the village Zalibivka of Rivne oblast (Ukraine). Since 1986, he lives in Lutsk in the Volyn oblast. He is a graduate of Ukrainian studies and has a PhD. from Volyn State University of Lesya Ukrainka. Currently, he is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Language and Literature Department of the Lutsk Pedagogical Institute. In the past, he worked also as a Chair of the Department of Journalism of the Lutsk School of Humanities, journalist, editor, author and a director of radio programs, as well as a Director of Lesya Ukrainka Museum. He is a founder and a director of the publishing house Tverdynja.
Poet, writer, literary scholar, literary critic and translator. A member of the National Association of Ukrainian Writers (2014) and National Association of Ukrainian Journalists (2000).
Author of a number of poetry, prose, translation and scholarly books (e.g. Eleventh Command, 1997, Mushroom Rain, 2004, World beyond the Braille, 2012, Under the Walls of Tverdynja, 2012, Above the Svitjaz’ Window, 2013, Or…Or…, 2014 and others, as well as selections in almanacs, anthologies and other professional and literary editions.
He translates from Bulgarian, Polish, Czech, Byelorussian and Russian. His poetry has been translated into Bulgarian, Polish, Greek, Byelorussian and Russian.
Життя не проза
і не класичний вірш
Життя верлібр
під химерні
кола на воді
стилом стихії
Life is not a prose
and not a classical verse
Life is a free verse
into strange
circles on water
by the stylo of an element
Із циклу «Автографи»
Твої автографи
як лабіринти
долі Мінотавра
подай мені
нитку надії
на світло
в кінці тунелю
який розпочинається
з Твого серця
і веде
по лезу життя
безглуздих примх
і божевілля кохання
через каскади
нездійсненних мрій
в мою наївнiсть
From the Cycle “Autographs”
Your autographs
are unspeakable
like labyrinths
of Minotaur’s fate
hand me the thread of hope
for light
at the end of the tunnel
which starts from Your heart
and leads
along the razor blade of life
of defiant caprices
and madness of love
through the cascades
of unfulfilled dreams
in my guilelessness
Коли громи
у власному безсиллі
на похмурому
аркуші неба
сентиментальні хмари
виплакують їхню
давнішню печаль
When the thunder
signs its lightning
in its own powerlessness
on the leaf of the sky
the sentimental clouds
cry themselves out of their
agelong sorrow
© Translated from Ukrainian by Bronislawa Volkova, August, 2019

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