Poems by Sher Chandley 

Poems by Sher Chandley 


The Ends Of The Earth

I’ve come ,
To the ends of the earth
At last I ‘ve found you !
Standing naked
On a ball of rock
Perched over the edge of space
Smooth as infinity
Your hair streaming in the wind
My heart , not my heart heart
But my soulheart
Dissolves everything
In an acid of love , understanding
I know what I am looking at
I know what I am hearing
With you time is a place .

…..i’m looking at myself
In a state of grace .
( to be cont.)

@ Sher Chandley 


Unfurling the curtain of time
On my memories
I remember once 
How on a mountain side
We tread paths
Littered with pine needles
Through a fragrant forest
Discovering a secret waterfall
Tumbling into a crystal pool

How we swam naked
Our bodies key and lock
Your warmth enclosing me
In the icy water
Our eyes locked in love
Motes visually imprinted
Your heart telling mine
Love me with all of your soul !
Silently, with unbound passion

My soul answered
Yes ! Yes ! Yes !
With all my heart , Yes !
Yet , all the while
Brooding with black destiny
The dark witch of fate watched
Though your love is forever
Your soul is now a ghost
Floating alongside mine .

Sher Chandley 2018/08/ 15 .

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