To whom the puppet dances? / Poem by Sehma Heela

Poem by Sehma Heela


To whom the puppet dances?

I kept asking for peace
I do not need to know its meaning
I need to fill my stomach 
And stop its hunger aching

I need a safe home
And feel sheltered from the bombing
I need a happy mother
A father who is not engaged in the fighting

I need to go to a safe school
where teachers are smiling
I need a book and a pen
to learn reading and writing

I need a safe courtyard to play
It does not matter if it does not have a swing

I am a child, not a soldier
I do not care people are fighting

All the other children are my friends
when we play together, we marvel at what we are doing

Here I am, ready to put all my needs in one basket
For one safe day, without blood, without killing.

( this morning I read a masterpiece of my friend Gigi Mejri , I got urged to write this poem ) Sehma Helaa August 2019

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