Poem by Patricia Amundsen

Poem by Patricia Amundsen



A night Bird flies,
my Heart beats faster
as she rises far in the heavens seeking her Creator
singing her song of favor to all who hear
the subliminal tones of the keening that sounds from her Heart 
as the Thorn deeply pierces the place where He lives,
the place that gives birth to the Eternal Rose.
Let her tears be the water from which love springs
to flow in everlasting nourishing pathways
so pure the prize Rose blooms
until her fragrance wafts throughout the beloved lands of wild Pakistan.
O Heart sing your song and dance your dance
in the light of the skies of Pakistan.
O Poet call your love,
feel the pain of each poignant breath of the Soul of Pakistan,
Black Earth and Corn and Goats and Sheep and Cows and Humans
mingling in harmonic advance of mechanical movers
filling the streets
painting the Heart of real Pakistan,
brave and courageous people
growing and mingling with God under His Moon and Stars.

***patricia amundsen 18Aug19
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