William S. Peters Sr (USA)

William S. Peters Sr (USA)
William S. Peters, Sr. aka Just Bill is a award winning global activist for humanity. His poetry and prowess has been acknowledged and translated all over the world. He is the Chair Person of Inner Child Enterprises, Inner Child Press International and World Healing, World Peace Foundation. He utilizes these vehicles along with his poetry and other writings to champion the cause of consciousness, peace, love, acceptance and compassion. His personal perspective is that ‘life is a garden’, and we must plant seeds of good intent, light and love that we all may harvest a sweet bountiful fruit. Inner Child Press’s ‘by-line’ is ‘building bridges of cultural understanding’. This is his inspiration. Bless Up.
William S. Peters, Sr. ~ USA
The Building
The Building
There was a time
That there was this building
That took presence and shape
In my horizon
As it loomed ominously,
Calling oft times
. . . my name
It was an empty sort of place
With no walls,
Just doors and windows …
All open
Most of my waking consciousness
Was aware
Of this structure
That had come
To become
An integral part
Of all my thoughts
I began to house my dreams
In the ether
About it.
My desires for self and others,
And our world
Lived there too
Some times, that was enough . . .
But it truly wasn’t
So …
I began to erect walls
And adorn them
With my ‘me-ness’ …
And expectations for
Whom I would allow
To cross my threshold
This structure,
This place
Where I stored
My inadequacies
Became a favorite place
For me to hang out,
Along with my
My delusions,
And my
Self Deifying …
Beliefs ….
Call it conviction
If you will,
But ‘Will’
Had naught to do
With it certainty.
In circumspective contemplative buffoonery
I considered and surmised
To my mild myopic surprise,
And I declaratively declared …
“Whoa be me I said, I see
That is your purpose
O Building” ….
At that time,
The Building removed itself
From its illusory foundation
And approached me
And said ….
“Life’s simple question is
What are you building?”
(c) 17 august 2019 : william s. peters, sr.
And Look I Shall
There is a wealth to be found in the eyes, smiles
And embrace of our fellow human beings.
There are tears of joy, tears of laughter, tears of pain,
All woven together.
It does not matter whether we see them or not.
It does not matter whether we are blinded or sighted.
It exists just the same.
Life does not require our permission
To express her variable grandiosity.
No, she exists because she is . . . Life!
Our experiential-ness is the string theory,
A collection of moments gathered in the closets,
Stored, and we label them memories.
All cupboards are full.
Yet, oxymoronically,
There is un-calculable room for multiple eternities.
I, myself long for the understanding
And comprehension of context.
I long for a certain wisdom that teaches me
How I may apply
the questions in such a way that they
May yield answers and
Produce more insightful questions.
I am a child driven by the energy of wonder,
that which I create, the innate,
and that of destiny and fate.
I prostrate myself at the altar of ‘I Am’,
searching for my reflection beyond the light.
And I see ‘me’, ‘you’, ‘we’ everywhere I look . . .
And look I shall! . . . Thankful
(c) july 23, 2019 : william s. peters, sr.
And it knows
I extracted my sharpened quill,
Dipped it in the blood
That pools in the heart of my longings
I began to scribe an before unheard verse
Upon the skin of her consciousness
Which can only be read
By her soul
She moved me in indescribable ways
And means,
And I do mean,
She moved me
The grace and elegance
Of her countenance
And her presence
Revealed a euphoria
Unto my entirety
That I can only surmise
As being heaven
My lips are wet,
My tongue lies within my mouth
Wanting, yet unsated
For the words fail me here
In this world
Of empirical things …
But my soul knows,
And it knows that it knows
(c) 12 april 2019 : william s. peters, sr.

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