Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



WOW ! The fruits are so tasty
Cheerful people
Better than discourtesy 
Pleasant for every soul

Humantarian in all weather
Nothing to loss
Let’s learn from animals
Sympathy for all machines

Discourtesy , full of poison
Kill many more
Cheerful wonderful world
Interlinked with machines.



A crocodile never change his attitude
Wounded lion is in angry mood
Lost many drops of pure blood 
Have patience during flood

The moon is as cold as ice berg
The sun is on its zenith
Rays are restless to melt
Oh ! My soul is worried for destruction

Tears may be dried
Nothing may be fried
Hungry children,thirsty eyes
Lion is so wise

Is it humanity and integrity ?
No ,never
My eyes have tears for that ruin
Oh ! Sweet smile of live and let live

O! God I pray to thee
Bless all your light
The light of wisdom
Into the sunlight and the moon

May the wonderful world
Upward in all weather
Ever the same
Glorious sunshine

No war ,no hate
Life is so beautiful
Death is not its fate
For peace ,praise let’s wait.



Be sweet ,soft soul
Fulfil fabulous dream
Say to spirit go ahead 
Feed it to achieve goal

Sweet smile attract faded soul
Old age but heart is young
Listen melodious which are sung
Feel as free as the air.

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