Poems by Bam Dev Sharma

Poems by Bam Dev Sharma



A serene muse
Entered my chamber
Of the heart
To speak to me.
But I was baffled.

It tried to uncover my veil
Of perennial illusion
And wanted to prick
As the pathfinder.
But I was heedless.

Then it shone like a lamp
As an enigmatic phantom
Dispelling perseverance of darkness
Heading towards the blissful journey.
But I was lost into indecision.

Then it asked me
To be star in the galaxy
Beyond mind and body
But I nodded no.

Soon the muse flew away
Leaving me a pang
In the delusive valley of fate.

Muse comes and go
Some clasp it
And some clasp the pang!

Copyrights By
Bam Dev Sharma



I did not know
When the lazy wind blew
And whispered.

I did not know
Why caroling birds fluttered
In mesmerizing warbles!

I was not aware
Of the rainy drizzles
Over the sprightly lambs
Across luscious meadows!

But I felt my numb heart
Carved with serene music
And surcharged with tenderly muse
Cloistered in caress
Like the benign sepals
Glazed in the Sun !

Copyrights By
Bam Dev Sharma



How nice
it would have been,
had we crushed our dreams
to be mattress of flowers
mixing with the cottons of realities?

We would have been
as serene as the blue sky
murmuring in sing song voice
whispering with wind !

We would not have been bothered
to seek any poem
toddling in the street
sighing in disbelief.

We would have soared
with myriads of poem
like swarming gnats
beyond human horizons!

Who knows…..
like drizzling rain
some of these poems
would fall
to be sprouting shoots
marked on the numb earth
as harbinger of new hopes ?

By Bam Dev Sharma 
July 20, 2019

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