Sufi Wisdom & Spiritual Consciousness / Author: Syed Liaqath Peeran

Sufi Wisdom & Spiritual Consciousness

SUFI Wisdom & Spiritual Consciousnessfrom the books of Sheikh Ali Hujwiri alias Data Ganj Bakhsh of Lahore (book written in 1060), Sheikh Farid al-Din Attar (d1220), Al Ghazali (d1111), Moulana Jalauddin Rumi (d1273), Shaikh Sadi (d1292), Hazreth Nizamuddin Awliya of Delhi(d1325) and Sheikh Sharafuddin b. Yahya Maneri (1381).It is hoped that the readers will develop interest to read the original classical works on ‘Irfan’/ ‘Tassawuff’ or popularly known as Sufi sm.All the excerpts of the books are ancient and within the domain of public and freely available on and on internet.I am thankful to Sri Sudharshan Kcherry of authors books group New Delhi for readily agreeing to publish this compilation.Bangalore17-10-2015


Syed Liaqath Peeran

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