Poems by Aabha Rosy Vatsa

Poems by Aabha Rosy Vatsa



When the stormy wind blew
Swinging the weeping willow branches into endless joy
I searched for you across the green maze.

When the sky was being painted in hues of peach
And the birds flew across the horizon
I searched for you in the quiet peace of dusk.

When lightning lurked in the sky
Streaking in shades of electric silver
I searched for you in the accompanying thunder.

When I stooped to collect the fallen Harsinghar flowers
Creating an orange carpet
I searched for you in its fragrance.

When I entered my garden
To cut stems of blooming tube roses
I searched for you in the heady perfume.

When the first showers of Summer fell
And Earth heaved in delight
I searched for you in breaths of petrichor.

When the full moon parked itself in glory
And night turned silver of an Indian Summer
I searched for you in the earnest song of the Chakor.

I searched for you
In searing heat
In chilly weather
On mountain peaks
And roaring waterfalls.
It was you
My lost twin.
I search for you
Again and again
Till destiny celebrates our union.



The seasons welcomed Spring with open arms
And the Earth laughed in a riot of colors
Blooms blossoming with faces turned to sunshine
Cherry blossoms in virgin pink
With a promise of luscious fruit in Summers
Never again would she let tyranny win
Never again would she overlook the joys of spring

The ocean raged with pendulum like waves
Bringing forth a carpet of sea shells
Dolphins danced in synchronization
And sea horses sailed in trance
Star fishes crept on the sandy beach
The foam burst in sheer glee
Never again would she let misguided souls hamper her gait
Never again would she forget to frolic with the waves

Monsoons came and the Earth heaved a sigh of relief
The dry soil relished the sweet nectar from heavens
Birds chirped merrily and enjoyed water baths
The Koel went mad with ecstasy
Tiny insects crept out of the soil
Welcoming the first shower
Never again would she fail to delight in petrichor
Never again would she miss her rain dance

The cobwebs had been cleared
The spells broken
The devious machinations were left behind
Misery had a died a natural death
The tears gave way to soulful smiles
Giggles and laughter came back like old lovers

Never again would she allow mayhem
Never again would she let loose the reigns of her life
Never again would peace be jeopardized
Never again would she be forget to inhale the Jasmine scented night.



Green, how I want you green
Like the precious gems
Etched in my love
Emerald and Jade

Warm hues
Scintillating aura
A trajectory romance
Shimmering in green

Green, how I want you green
Like the enticing creeper
Swirling and delicate
Tendrils reaching for the sky
Silver sheaths gently serenading the sunshine
Content in their heart shaped contours

Green, how I want you green
Like the mystical forest
Piping with towering branches
Bird chirping in a flutter
In a frenzy over the mating season
Content to bask in the glory of the Gulmohar
Perched safely on tree tops

Green, how I want you my green
As, my unconditional love for you
A promise foretold till eternity.



The astral alignment was not a mirage
It was an event executed by the heavens
The encounter was not a virtual fling
But one of warm breaths and spell binding gazes

The memories carved were passionate and intense
Destinies locked and interwoven
A bond mightier than the tangled web woven by enemies
A love greater than daunting mountains

Most emotions are woven in shades of grey
But this was a love crimson and passionate
Burning with tongues of fire
Passions that blazed through lifetimes

You bathed me in rainbow colors
Each one of the seven colors an amorous gift
Nurturing the bond through the breezy zephyr
A testimony of that staggering and glorious encounter

For it was a love meant to be
A union meant to be
Maneuvering treachery and mazes
Till Eternity and beyond.

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