LOVE YOU, ALICIA / A poem composed by Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan




Hardest times will pass soon,
Eclipse will not swallow the moon,
She will rise to cherish life’s boon,
Sing and swoon on her own tune.

Soon she will be fit as fiddle,
As she is determined to pass all hurdles,
For she has the strong will power,
Injuries can’t make her cower.

All her pains will melt away,
They can’t block her way,
Soon will come a beautiful day,
When she will swing and sway.



Alicia is made in gods strength
In him her will to never bend
In his will her will to lend
A friend in whose love we defend all lifes sorrows
to come to an end
For shes our rainbow
in whose colors life blends
‘The reason to live to glow from one end
to the other end
her valour in us to send

For in her lives a love that in her never ends
To touch us in an happiness that
colors its to its end
Life I live in you
Love me till lifes end

Alicia dearest we wait for you
In you is our tomorrow
That smiles in you waiting to send Gods love
for in you God smiles
In your love never loosing hope
For he believes in your strength
In you to buy his own hope never loosing to it in you to see his own strength

© Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan


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