Poems by Maraii Mansouri

Poems by Maraii Mansouri
Thinking out of the stream
In his journey, between the music of the still of the darkness and the night stars:
He was greatly enamored of the smooth movement of the universal beam.
He fixed his eyes on the vista: querying the piety of the Lars.
Arduous scattered rocks fettered him: how to think out of the stream?
Witlessness,vindictiveness and heterodoxy left over: how to eradicate those scars?
Manned by patience stalwarts: how to restore the outstanding dream!
Thoughts came over: why the carpenter refurbishes the knars?
He worships the splendor: and the lord must be him even for a moment, before the sky starts to teem.
While he was slurping the secrets of life, he saw the morning walking around taking the beloveds of taciturnity out of the bars!
Believing in his divine power that he could redeem!
Not far enough, the sun smiled.
Feigning it was cunning and mild!
Entirely she was chiding the aspiring child!
Then, she saw; he had to be temporarly exiled!
The day became in the street, loping across.
Many woke up, weeping their cherished loss.
So many strewed over, like a squall when passed over the moss!
Funny how they think they are alive, every soul is shackled by a boss!
Anywhere, in the temple, in the mosque or by the cross!
How much mundane the day is! Its stories are purely dross!
The sun began to bounce, like a broken albatross.
Between the grimy pages, the day strayed, leaving pain and misty gloss.
Back the twigs, the twilight pored over with full of zest.
Beckoning the bird to his balmy nest.
Where love, peace, equability and the bliss of rest.
He was stunning, as the red flower on woman’s chest.
The lord was nigh, standing on the crest.
He cast his eyes all over, north and west.
Then, laying his hands on the town, luring the throngs to the guest.
The cluster in the sky, all is equal, the reliable heart is the right quest.
I opened my eyes, everything seemed to me of the same pars.
I was jovial for a moment, but, it was a dream!
The realm was halcyon, however, my ears heard the jars!
The water has a steam, yet, how I could deny and think out of the stream?
(Unshakable love)
Name inspires love and peace.
Voice helps the twinge to ease.
Frisky smile everyday, never stop it to release.
Diefic mien, obviously the heaven below her knees.
Dying to touch you, to see you around, in your black fleece!
Or when you raise your hands: wanting to tease!
Come around: let me read beyond each crease!
A book of sagacity: like no one sees!
Or a sweet symphony started long ago,before the ancient Greece!
Absolve my absence, the time of your disease!
Longing to smell you: still recalling the scent of your hair grease!
I can feel it around, through the gentle breeze!
Shorn of your immediacy, I am a withered rose.
Lingering for the rain.
My leaves fell, and my sap froze.
Shine from the sky, tell me when the clouds drain!
Tired of the drought, but, scared when the gust blows.
Neither fall, nor winter can endure my wane!
Over the air, through the waves, I come to you,starved of your glows.
Distant of you, instigates a life’s bane.
Everlasting tutor,that’s what the wisdom chose.
Let me assert, you are the first and the last to remain!
The queen of art and the prolific tree of prose!
Bloom in my heart and live forever in my vein.
Consecrated anywhere, having you is an unmeasurable plus.
Day and night are yours.
How we could forget, when you were praying for us?
We live in your umbrage , all the troubles had the cures!
Her love never ceases to come in mass.
We admire the azure of her eyes , and the images that she mures.
Silent Supplication
Listen to my whimpers, hearken my desolate moan.
Listen to whimpers feel, and touch my groan.
Look at me, and dislodge the tedious stone.
Gaze at my wrecked moon, and be my solitary dawn.
Wipe my fervid tear, do not leave me nowhere alone.
Take my hand, never let it go, never recede, and hold on.
Taste my words, gulp my sighs, never let me down.
Peer inside me, never respite and carry on.
Come along with me, I am not melting for my own.
Forgive my raving, do it snap the murk’s bone.
Cuddle my whims, yeah! Smooch me and go on.
like a swarm of birds you made my bliss fly on and on.
Clear my dusty pages….now I am writing you a song.
Release your frolicsome smile, let it glare too long.
Smell my delirium, let me breathe before I drown.
Let me confess, let me tell you; you you are second to none.
Let me say; I wanna cry, I worship the land you tread on!!!!!
Ablaze Thoughts
Once , my friend and I traveled together.
We sailed back with a large mast.
Across the bay , we relished the scenes of the nice weather.
Creative moments were sliding by, incredibly fast.
Accompanied with reminiscence , written on the sky with an Egret’s feather.
A covey of quail were passing by, portraying peace and the genuine trust.
Unbreakable woe, free-will does not seem hither,
And the inebriated reason, can not be an appraiser, and will never be just.
Poetry was born to be on the loose, abominable who has a tether.
Today is over, yet, tomorrow is the ransom of the past.
A motley world we fancied, as the appealing heather.
Our will was perished, and the heather was taken by the gust.
All has a Lord to adulate, trying to shun his dither.
Facetious life out of freedom, the brawn lives usually with lust.
Unlike the Master’s craving, my spirit soars hither and thether.
Youth is just a point, and remember even the iron can not overwhelm the rust.
Make me a chalice, let me feel freedom even for a time, between each lather.
I yearn for the clouds to rain soon, to dislodge the dreary dust.
Liberty is a love story, let it glitter between each other!
Or like a good vale, that is bountiful and certainly vast.
Everything has an age, and the sand discloses even the tiny slither.
Let me stir, let me state, let me live and bare my blast.
The trip was up, my friend and I returned together;
Replete with lucid images, wishing that would not be the last

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