Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur



The wind came with me to the park
Scattered petals and dried leaves apart
Ran howling after the dogs who bark
And played with lovers who were smart.

It’s favourite game is hide and seek
It does not spare the shy or the meek
Gets lost in the tresses of a leafy teak
Climbs the mountains swiftly to the peak.

Like tree’s ambition to reach heaven swift
Birds soar high and partners switch
Stars stay at one place to see Moon shifts
Sun is above so the Earth in love lifts.

Sweet September soothes the streams,
Windy waves whispers in vast dreams,
Summer bids goodbye to green leaves,
Sunrays are less harsh through sieves.

The stars smile to welcome their love
Moon revolves around the Earth above
It is lighted by Sun from opposite horizon
Although apart the planets are in liaison.

@copyright Jyotirmaya Thakur -(From my book -‘VALLEY WHISPERS ‘)



Autumn is approaching my threshold,
Green leaves turning yellow, red- bold ,
Grass is drying fast despite light rain , 
I am gathering scattered petals in vain.

The sunshine gleam getting weaker ,
I am catching upon Nature as seeker ,
Grey skies changing colours sooner ,
My walks to floating lakes darker.

Chilly winds howling cries louder ,
Brisk nights without stars sharper ,
My weary body wracked with age ,
Waiting for time to turn the page.

Shops are selling rapidly old sales ,
Winter threatening in corners pale ,
Pink rosy apples harvesting fame,
Trees shedding barks ready for game .

Seasons change like fabric frays,
Heavy woollen clothes out to stay ,
Dreaming of Christmas on the way,
Joyful reunions after requiem day.

@copyright Jyotirmaya Thakur -(From my book -‘VALLEY WHISPERS ‘)

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