Elixir / Poem by Aneeta Chitale

Clad in transparent, drenched, wet in
Waters’ splash
On my wet skin, lits’ up in fire
It’s better than my naked brown skin getting
Bare, brazen!
The layers, so silken, draped around me reflects
Like pearls in ocean, from ocean surfs –
On the sea shores, rising waves!
I always love the first touch of fluorescent water,
Crystalline water sprung from celestial waves ……
It waxes my skin, sparkling my body
With exotic dreams!
Absolves my carnal pangs, of love
Some blemished, some char’d
Some impressed with love bites
All changing
With the seasons, of life
All smoothens out lovingly in
Crystalline waters, caressed
On my wet skin!
A little thin veil, transparent cover
On my wet skin, kindles the fire within
In a splash!
I have died a thousand deaths
Yet reborn again
Time’s vain dance!
In splash of water!
Healing my wounds, rejuvenating
My body and weary soul!
To sparkle again….. with the chime of
Pious “Temple Bells”
Crystalline water…..
Elixir of Life!
Aneeta Chitale (India) All Copyrigths Reserved 22/08/19

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