Yearning to rest / Poem by Sehma Helaa

Poem by Sehma Hela


Yearning to rest

How shall I compare thee
To a summer breeze
when the soul is restless
And the heart is not at ease?

when will you breathe
And settle down
lay long deep roots
And wear your gown?

No answer could you give
Just a smile that would forgive
what have the days
Snatched from thee,
A bunch of warmth
And love’s melody.

A cozy corner upon the wood
Flooded by the mirth
Of a flock of birds
Twittering their childhood

A round dining table
where meals are a feast
A giggle from here, a shriek from there
something you call life at least.

When the flickering light
In a remote dwelling
kindles in thee a wish,
Yearning for a family gathering.

Poor wandering soul
And meager restless feet
when shall you find inner peace
You quench your thirst
some crusts of bread you eat..

Poor roaming soul
wandering the skies
swimming in the rain
swaddled in the heat.

Time winged wagon is very swift
when times come to end the strife
Am afraid it may be too late
You raise your hand to bid a Farewell to life.

@ sihem cherif September the 6th 2019( sehma helaa)

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