Let’s save the Planet – EYESORES / Poem by Dr. Deepti Gupta


Let’s save the Planet


Education makes a person
cultured, sensitive and wise
my Guruji used to say
and I, too feel so.
But, today most educated
and most developed
countries have been proving
it wrong .
War is the global phenomenon today
‘only talk ‘ of the world today .
Why can’t so called
educated and cultured
people see the disasters of war ?
It adversely affects us
emotionally, mentally and physically !
Serene sea and rivers,
azure sky and chirpy birds,
bouncing kids and grazing herds,
all get traumatized
all seem trembling !
Their paleness showes the traces
of that catastrophe of that devastation
pain and horror, trauma and terror ;
which they go through
during the war.
Everything wears a deserted look !
War damages them in every way,
But the clashing countries,
Clashing groups, clashing people
become so unthoughtful and
unkind, heartless and blind of
the scary postwar impressions
that they don’t listen to anyone.
Can such lethal wars
be averted ever ?
Neutron bombs, killer satellites,
lasers and cruise missiles
they all bring the life to ashes
on the earth within no time !
The cold war rivalry between
big countries target small countries,
Their actions are in violation
more of the ‘ Human Charter’ than
the U. N. charter…!
Global warming, serious health
hazards, toxic pollution, water and
air pollution.
Precious human life, animal and
bird life, all become extinct .
Global harmony, universal welfare
is left behind..!
Whoever is thoughtful,
would fear the war .
National chauvinism, fanaticism,
ethnic madness should
come to an End !
I fret about the future Do you too ?


Dr. Deepti Gupta

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