AFROPHOBIA / Poem by Rhoda Adinoyi

Poem by Rhoda Adinoyi



May the devil and his barrier never obsess us, Africa!
Why are we as traitorously as hell to ourselves?
Why have we turned to motive of tears for our children?
Why do we ingest ourselves with affliction that had once rained on us?
Africa! Why do we imbue our fellow brothers in captivity to the very brim?
Give me a living reason why death and destruction, is what our brothers should have as meal?
I thought we are chaste and native but no, this was but my dream!
We are as black and begrimed as our skin!
Africa! Africa!! Africa!!!
What name do you think others will call us?
Our self-worth is as gruesome as hell, yes hell!
Look, there are shames on our naked faces
People who ought to bow to our command, points a humilating finger on us
Africa atone! That our little and unborn children will not regret of been born here.

©Rhoda Adinoyi

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